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Babies of the Nineteen-Eighties [entries|friends|calendar]

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(I remembered that too!)

[21 Jan 2012|07:38pm]

There was a challenge in a land comm I'm in where we had to make dream cast picspams for animated characters. I chose Rainbow Brite and Stormy. I will probably do the rest at some point.

[click the images]

(I remembered that too!)

The Young and The Restless [10 Feb 2011|12:11pm]


Join genoa_city_yr today!
Dedicated to the drama of The Young and the Restless
Discussions! Polls! Fan fic! Well-maintained!

(I remembered that too!)

[23 May 2010|02:22pm]


Robocup vs Zorro | Versus

(I remembered that too!)

[18 May 2010|12:52pm]


♥ For all your cute needs! ♥

(I remembered that too!)

Продажа фотографий на фотобанки [03 Mar 2010|10:21am]

приглашаю вас почитать про продажу фотографий на микростоковых фотобанках, это такие сайты на которых фотографы размещают свои фотографии и без разницы в каком вы городе находитесь, это такая работа фотографом. Продажа фотографий через микростоки это современный и высокоприбыльный заработок.

Некоторые разделы сайта:
Российский фотобанк Лори - описание российского микростока, крупнейшего в нашей стране.
Векторная графика на фотобанках - описание работы иллюстратора на фотобанке, продажа векторной графики.
Разные статейки - тут всяческие общие статейки по стокам.

Интересные статьи:
Лайтбокс на istockphoto - основные сортировки и как ими пользоваться, лайтбоксы на istockphoto
Кто покупает на фотобанках - статья о покупателях на микростоках, о том какие типы покупателей бывают.
Поднятие продаж на микростоке - интересная статья с 17 способами поднятия продаж на микростоках.

Спасибо за внимание, жду вас на сайте и если возникнут какие-либо вопросы готов на них ответить.

(I remembered that too!)

Head of the class and Dan Schneider [16 Mar 2009|04:36pm]

 Who remembers Dan Schneider (Dennis on HOTC)? anyway he posts alot about his latest show he produces for Nickoloden called Icarly. He posts about Icarly at the groovey smoothie community on LJ. does anybody know what the other HOTC cast are doing now?

(1 memorie I remembered that too!)

Which screwed up celebrity are you? [01 Mar 2009|04:40pm]


(I remembered that too!)

For all you other 80s kids... [02 Dec 2008|12:49pm]

I think we're at the age when stuff like this can be a lot of fun:


A community all about inner beauty. Check it out.

(1 memorie I remembered that too!)

Amazing Vintage Auctions... ENDING SOON! [19 Oct 2008|04:25pm]

CLICK the image to shop around:

(1 memorie I remembered that too!)

Date Blade! [18 Oct 2008|11:40pm]

He's 27, he's German, and yes, his name is Blade. And he's never been kissed. Could he be your Seth Rogen/Michael Cera/Steve Carell? You'll never know if you don't try! Give a nice guy a chance =) He's right in Vancouver =)

(5 memories I remembered that too!)

Uh why? [17 Oct 2008|04:57pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Did anyone else here the rumor that they were going to release a live action Smurfs movie? There is also a trailer floating around for a live action Zelda movie. Not sure if is seem legit or not though. Craziness

(I remembered that too!)

A Bittersweet Styles UPDATE! [14 Oct 2008|09:01pm]

CLICK the image to shop VINTAGE:

(2 memories I remembered that too!)

video games [10 Sep 2008|07:24am]


the trivia..

this game looks as if there might be a little S & M going on. when the human in sunglasses catches you, his clothes change to a black bikini and he now has a whip or riding crop. your clothes change into a white diaper.

in a later level, one of the enemies is walking backwards (perhaps moonwalking?) which a person might assume to be Michael Jackson.

this game is mostly Japanese nonsense satire. the title is a play on the word "SORI," which means Prime Minister. the main character is former Japanese Prime Minister Kakuei Tanaka, infamous for his plutocracy. enemy characters include Carl Lewis, Michael Jackson, Japanese comedian Tamori, and professional wrestler Giant Baba.

fucking loon at the highest order! lol

(I remembered that too!)

CUTE Vintage Auctions!! [14 Aug 2008|11:09am]


(I remembered that too!)

[19 Mar 2008|11:51am]

Title: Zack's Ring
Fandom: Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Saved By The Bell
Pairing: Dawn/Zack
Rating: PG
Warnings: spoilers for the S4 episode Class Rings of SBTB and established relationship
Word Count: 179
Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy, SBTB, or any of it's characters.
Summary: Zack gives his ring to his new girlfriend.
A/N: I watched this episode and it got my muse working. Dawn's a junior and Zack's a senior in this. Feedback is appreciated.

Zack's Ring

(7 memories I remembered that too!)

[26 Jan 2008|01:41pm]

[ mood | blah ]

Guess who's back together?!?

(I remembered that too!)

[21 Dec 2007|11:43am]

[ mood | busy ]

Remember the See N Says and how big they used to be? Now they're all little and compact! My daughter just got one as a Christmas gift.

(I remembered that too!)

Popples [12 Dec 2007|10:47am]

Have you guys seen the new Popples they have out now? I was in Target yesterday and saw them. They don't even look like Popples, imo. I had to look again just to make sure. I miss the old ones. At least I have one of the originals.

(3 memories I remembered that too!)

[10 Dec 2007|07:03pm]

Does anyone remember the show Freddy's Nightmares? I'm just wondering because I found it on the Chiller channel on DirectTV and have been liking it. I didn't even know there was one until recently. But it's cool.

(2 memories I remembered that too!)

[01 Dec 2007|08:11am]

I don't know how many of you watch The Soup on E! I just thought this was silly :)

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